What are HPL doors?

HPL doors are structures that are produced based on metal plastic door profile systems. A laminated panel with a heat-insulating layer is used for filling a door. The panel can be installed in two ways:

Insert filling under moulding fillets – by analogy with a multilayered glass pane or a sandwich panel. The door profile remains visible.

Surface-mounted filling is when the panel is glued to the door structure from the outside, while completely hiding the profile.


What is an HPL panel?

HPL panels are products that are made by gluing several layers of polymer and organic materials under pressure (HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate). At the same time, a dense structure with high strength and good decorative qualities is formed.


For the manufacture of decorative door structures, panels with 2 mm thick HPL coating are used, for white structures — panels with a coating of at least 1.5 mm are used. Due to its greater thickness and high strength, the HPL panel acquires vandal-proof properties; it is hard to scratch or otherwise damage.


The panel is filled with XPS Weis Cosmo expanded polystyrene, which protects the door from heat loss.


Which is better — HPL or MDF?

Both HPL and MDF panels are made using similar technologies, but differ primarily in the pressure under which the layers are glued into a single panel. Compared to MDF panels, the use of high pressure in the production of HPL panels makes them very durable. This factor, as well as the use of resistant polymers as part of the outer layer, allows HPL panels to better cope with mechanical loads and guarantees them high moisture resistance (on this parameter, MDF also loses).


What is the manufacture time for HPL doors?

The manufacture time depends on the product dimensions, the scope of supply and the availability of parts in the warehouse. In practice, the manufacture time for HPL doors does not exceed the production time for standard entrance unit structures.


In which profile systems is the HPL panel used?

The Vikonda company manufactures HPL doors based on the Vikonda Thermo door profile system. This makes it possible to provide structures with high mechanical strength, as well as good thermal insulation, which are increased by the installation of HPL panels with low thermal conductivity.