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Vikonda windows and doors company is one of the leaders among manufacturers of metal-plastic windows and doors. It dates back to 2001 and has an extensive network of branches with deliveries throughout the world. The high quality of our products allowed us to export our products to 15 countries. We have always relied on quality and individuality, so we abandoned the idea of manufacturing low energy-efficiency windows as early as in 2007. Since then, we have not manufactured windows without energy saving and we have implemented a program of personalized service support for each order. So you will know everything about the order status from calculation to installation.
Company history
Vikonda metal-plastic windows
2001 year.

LAUNCH – establishing a small but very ambitious private enterprise for the manufacturing of PVC windows and doors. Focus on quality, durability and plans to implement the “We are here for a long time” strategy.

Vikonda metal-plastic windows
2004 year.

EXPERIENCE – a private enterprise becomes an LLC with a registered trade mark “Vikonda”. The company is steadily growing, learning and adopting the experience of leading European manufacturers. It is dipping into the philosophy of individual and clear solutions, and, step by step, embodies the goal of entering the national market of the country.

Vikonda metal-plastic windows
2007 year.

AGAINST THE CURRENT – The “Vikonda windows and doors company” TM it breaks down stereotypes, introduces innovative solutions and declares total abandonment of the manufacture of low energy-efficiency structures. By that time it meant “to swim against the current”.

2009 year.

AUTOMATION AND FRANCHISING – introducing safe automated manufacturing with a view to eliminating human errors, as well maintaining of the quality at the stated level. The “Vikonda windows and doors company” TM develops franchise offers, and becomes the franchising record holder among the CIS countries by the number of open franchises per month. 5 to 7 brand stores a month, can you imagine?

Vikonda metal-plastic windows
2011 year.

WARRANTY AND SERVICE – The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is introducing a 10-year product warranty. According to our calculations, by that time more than 300,000 families had already become Vikonda windows and doors company clients. In the same year, we set a course for improving our service, developed and implemented information support and customer awareness programmes.

2019 year.

RETAINING THE LEADERSHIP – The Vikonda structures are exported to 15 European countries on a permanent basis. We get feedback from our clients, expand the points of impact on the proper choice of the consumer through various programs and communication channels and think steps ahead.

Vikonda metal-plastic windows
2020 year.

COURSE FOR CHANGES – We have learned to combine such concepts as thrill of the competition, safety, focus, hunger, advantages, and connection, responsibility and simplicity… and we continue our eventful journey as a socially responsible company with ambitious plans, true values, using advanced technology and the “strength” of people. Check it out!

Support team

Vikonda windows and doors company is a manufacturer of transparent structures. Every day, more than 500 people work as a team to provide high-quality and energy-efficient products to our clients. Since 2001, we have been manufacturing windows, doors (balcony, entrance, interior), as well as sliding systems.

We export PVC windows and doors to 15 countries across the world and glaze entire multi-story buildings.

But we always focus on the client. And we are convinced that high-quality constructions cannot be made without passion, intelligence and, above all, personal affection. We are ready to pay attention and communicate with clients of all sizes.

Thus, our gallery includes varied objects: residential and commercial multi-story buildings, cottages and houses, libraries and educational institutions, hotels and tourist centers, architectural monuments and even churches.


We are willing to respond and provide all information support on various issues:  cooperation, participation in tenders, products, financial issues, marketing and manufacture, delivery etc. We are absolutely open, so you can contact our experts with any question.

Yevhenii Karis
Director General
Liana Strutynska
Deputy Commercial Director for Foreign Economic Activity
Oleksandr Levin
Commercial Director
Oksana Ryzhykova
Chief Accountant
The quality of our products is confirmed by certificates.

Dozens of equipment manufacturers trust us to distribute their products around the world.


Vikonda windows and doors company
“Vikonda windows and doors company” is a company that not only holds leading positions, but also sets the trends of the modern market for metal-plastic windows.