Vikonda uPVC -windows and doors

Vikonda company offers high-quality and energy-efficient uPVC -windows and doors from the manufacturer. Using high-quality PVC profiles, energy-efficient multilayered glass panes and functional furniture allows making windows from Vikonda TM reliable, durable, and energy-efficient.

Besides, today it is possible to choose and buy uPVC -windows and doors online. The managers will provide you with all information necessary for the selection of a profile, a multilayered glass pane, accessories, and extra elements of the window’s complete set, as well as schedule the installation at your convenience.


The price of uPVC -windows and doors

The cost of uPVC -windows and doors is one of the factors that affects the purchasing decision. But when choosing a company to which you entrust the glazing, you should not focus on the minimum price per m2. The final cost of the structure is influenced by:

Its dimensions

Complete set (a profile, a multilayered glass pane, furniture and extra accessories)

Decor (lamination, decorative glazing)

Installation costs

The exact cost of a uPVC -windows and doors can be calculated only after agreeing on the complete set and measuring the structure. At the same time, due to the manufacture automation, Vikonda reduces the cost of production, so that the cost of our windows remains quite affordable.