Sliding door system

Sliding interior doors systems, as well as entrance unit structures with a similar opening principle, has gained popularity quite recently. Such items are quite compact and easy to use, but at the same time they can be made as reliable and energy-efficient as possible.


What are sliding door systems?

A sliding door system is a structure that differs from swing doors in the way of opening:

The door panel (leaf) does not rotate on its hinges, but moves away, opening a wide passage.

In order to move the leaf, the sliding door system uses guides that prevent the door leaf from changing direction and moving transversely.

The simplest sliding system for interior doors involves the use of a latch that holds the leaf closed. More complex structures are equipped with fittings which ensure that the door is pressed around the perimeter, but which allows the door to be opened on a sliding-based principle.

When should one pay attention to sliding door systems?

Unlike traditional swing structures, sliding systems have a number of advantages:

Firstly, the leaf moves in the plane of the doorway or parallel to the doorway, without taking up extra space when opening.

Secondly, by using sliding leaves in the glazing, it is possible to open very wide doorways, which are easy to pass.

Therefore, it is worth buying an interior sliding door system when it is necessary to save free space as much as possible or remove swing doors that would prevent from passing the room freely. Such solutions are good both for residential premises (apartments, private houses) and commercial real estate (offices, shops).

Which sliding systems to choose?

It is possible to buy interior sliding door systems, as well as outdoor sliding doors, which are energy-efficient and are installed when decorating exits to verandas or terraces, at the Vikonda company.

Various designs of parallel-sliding and tilt-and-slide types are available, which are completed with different fitting mechanisms, including the most modern anti-burglary systems. Both double-glass and triple-glass energy-efficient panes can be used for the filling of sliding doors. The second option, together with a multi-chamber plastic profile, will provide maximum energy efficiency; when closed, the door will keep the room warm enough to save on heating.

You can order a sliding door for an apartment, house or office on the Vikonda online store or in any of its brand stores.