Vikonda Standard Plus windows — more options for a standard window

The cost of the Vikonda Standard Plus windows is a concern of all buyers and this is understandable. But the number of features you get is worth purchasing.

— One of the important advantages of the Vikonda Standard Plus windows is low heat conductivity. The construction based on a wide profile with a triple-pane energy-efficient glass allows keeping the room warm and save on heating.


In order to know exactly how to choose the Vikonda Standard Plus windows, it is necessary to pay attention to their key indicators:


Energy efficiency according to the DSTU requirements

7-year warranty period

Comfort in summer and winter

Laconic form of a modern window

High protection against burglary


You can buy the Vikonda Standard Plus windows with a rigid profile and steel reinforcement (a token of resistance to deformation) in the network of the Vikonda brand stores.

— The high-quality plastic of the Vikonda Standard Plus profile does not turn yellow over time and does not become brittle at temperature extremes.

— Energy-efficient profile indicators meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

— To protect against overheating, a multilayered glass pane with sun-protective or multifunctional glass (sun protection + energy efficiency) can be installed.

— The structures are completed with extra additional elements that prevent the leaf from opening without the knowledge of adults, if you have children.


In order place emphasis on the interior, you can order the Vikonda Standard Plus windows, which perfectly imitate the texture of natural wood.