Vikonda Cottage - maximum energy efficiency and reliability

If you would like to order Vikonda Cottage windows, please note that they protect the facility from heat loss 2.9 times more efficiently than standard 3-chamber profile windows with double-glass pane. The maximum energy efficiency is achieved by installing a triple-pane window with energy-saving glass and filling the air chambers with inert gas.

Everyone asks how to choose the Vikonda Cottage windows, so it is worth paying attention to their functions:

— In the summer season, the installation of a sun-protective multilayered glass pane will prevent overheating. Multifunctional glazing will provide a combination of protection against cold and heat.

— The combination of a wide profile, multi-circuit sealing and a properly selected multilayered glass pane is the best choice for street noise protection.

— The rigid steel reinforced profile has a high resistance to loads and deformations.

— The Vikonda Cottage window accessories ensure effective pressing for maximum airtightness and protection against blowing. They also provide opportunities to arrange air exchange – the room can be ventilated both using traditional methods and using vent valves.

— You can buy the Vikonda Cottage windows with a 10-year warranty period.

— The geometry of frames, leafs, and glazing mouldings make the profile highly attractive, while lamination turns any structure into a real masterpiece.

— Triplex will not allow an intruder to break a multilayered glass pane, while anti-burglar accessories and a lock handle will block the leaf when it is pressed against the frame.


In relation to price and quality, the Vikonda Cottage window is an ideal offer.