The Vikonda Comfort windows are stylish, reliable, and efficient

The Vikonda Comfort windows protect the facility from heat loss 2.9 times more efficiently than standard 3-chamber profile windows with double-glass pane.

Responding the question how to choose the Vikonda Comfort windows.

The Vikonda Comfort windows have the following advantages:

The maximum energy efficiency is achieved by installing a 6-chamber profile with a mounting depth of 82 mm and a maximum multilayered glass panes thickness of 44 mm

Comfort in winters and summers

Laconic form of the leaf

Increased protection against burglary

10-year warranty period

You need to order the Vikonda Comfort windows when there is a strong need and desire to increase the energy-saving potential of the design.

The Vikonda Comfort profile system is a model resistant to loads, and windows based on this system stay in use for many years due to:

1.5 mm square profile in frame

U-shaped profile in the leaf

To buy windows based on the Vikonda Comfort profile, please contact the brand-name store chain or call the customer service line.

The house where the Vikonda Comfort windows are installed will be really very quiet and comfortable:

– multifunctional glass pane protects from the sun

– protection from frosts and costs for heating with multilayered glass pane with argon

– glazing effectively “cuts off” any external loud sounds

– effective air exchange is ensured by the use of either: parallel displacement accessories, vent valves, or micro-airing

The Vikonda Comfort windows cost calculation can be ordered right away. Call us.